PT. Sarana Teknologi Utama

As you might know that technology is running like shadow, fail to follow it, then companies got the result of inefficiency and potential losses, but when we use the newest technology that not appropriate with our business, then inefficiency is what we got. We always update the Newest Technology to support all our Customers, but we will make sure to all our Customers we Always give them the CORRECT Solution to Them


PT. Sarana Teknologi Utama is a private company established at 2012, legalized at 2012, our company Started with 5 personnel who already have an experience for 10 (ten) years for Data Center and ICT.
PT. Sarana Teknologi Utama, a company that established to give comprehensive requirements for IT infrastructure. Aware for the Information Technology needs for security & cost effectiveness, we provided all completed range of service to offers the IT performance in single source, stand-for coordination with all the hard-ware modules, we provide :
1. High Performance cooling system
2. Reliable Security preventive protection
3. Excellent experience in Power Supply System
4. Many choices for Server Racks
5. Data Cabling, Passive and Active Devices
Customer satisfaction is our goal. As our partner, face-to face conversation are very important to us, we always offering comprehensive services by accompanied our customer to initiate the idea, analysis the individualization of concepts, cost optimization to provide complete solution to put you ahead in IT performance.
To maximize the possible availability for IT system is assured, we has a modular, scalable design and precisely tailored to the current needs of the user. The benefit of this, you need no over dimensioning, no over investing, no unnecessary fixed costs & easy extendibility.